The witch-necromancer was dumbfounded by the forecast at the end of the war

Witch-necromancer and psychic Maria Tikhaya answered the question of interest to all Ukrainians: “When will the war in Ukraine end?”. 

In an interview with, she said that this year one should not expect a complete victory of Ukraine over Russia.

“I turned to the world of the dead, and so far I see that the war in Ukraine will not end. This year for sure,” Tikhaya said.

At the same time, she added that a counteroffensive will begin at the end of spring 2023. Therefore, closer to the summer we will see the first bells of our victory. Moreover, the psychic continued, in the summer the Armed Forces of Ukraine can de-occupy the territories occupied by the aggressor.

She also gave a forecast for Crimea. Tikhaya is sure that in March there will be a “bavovna” in the illegally annexed peninsula.

“We received missiles that can fire at long distances. In Crimea, maps show me factories, and warehouses. Our missiles will fly there,” the expert added.

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